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Nathan Selof | Front-End & Full Stack

Sharp, reflective, and customer focused. I am a web developer with extensive experience building business software.

As a leader in a small software company I've had to wear many hats over the last four years and have gained a thorough understanding of the processes behind creating, marketing, and supporting a SaaS product.

A supportive teammate and a great team leader, I take ownership over my projects but I'm always happy to bring in better ideas than my own.

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Application Design

The following are two of my recent application design endeavors. When done correctly; designing, prototyping, and planning will not only make the development go smoothly but it can be a really enjoyable process as well.

Contractor Bidding Platform

This mobile-focused web application runs on PHP and jQuery. The product is used by roofing contractors to automate their sales and estimating process as well as compiling business reports. I headed the design and development of this product for over two years as it evolved through many iterations.

Some of the challenging product features to design were:

A lightweight and versatile estimating system for generating pricing, materials list, and a scope of work for replacement jobs in one click.

Integration with a third-party aerial measurement service where users can order reports and measurements that are delivered directly into our system.

Offline-capable iOS and Android native applications that co-exist with the browser based application.


Core UI Prototype

This interface was designed to replace a useful but outdated portal to our application. It utilizes techniques such as HTML templating, hash navigation, and transition animations to make it feel more like a modern app.

The main feature it was designed to showcase is a two-pane layout that condenses down to one page when on mobile or based on screen size. This design allows the user to access the full-featured application on their mobile device without having to sacrifice ease of use.

HTML Canvas & Javascript

Entering the web world with a Game Development degree, I immediately gravitated to the HTML Canvas. Developing for frame by frame animation was very familiar and it gave me a way to tie my game development skills into these web projects.


I built this web browser particle system in 2012 for my first portfolio site. The inspiration for it came from working with particle systems inside of Game Engines. In school I enjoyed spending hours tinkering with these systems to create delightful effects that communicate different emotions.

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Aerial Measurements & Drawing

Immediately after completing school, I was approached to build a web-based aerial drawing program. With some rough sketches as a guide and a native-based app for sample functionality, I was able to quickly put a prototype together using the HTML Canvas. The first version was built in raw Javascript, without the use of any frameworks or libraries. It had many challenging features to implement; pinch-to-zoom, scaling, area calculation and an intuitive UI to name a few. I later got the chance to improve the design and add in snapping, rotating, and a general UI overhaul for version 2.

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Interactive Animation

The homepage of this website provided a fun and visual demonstration of the different modules and tools available within our enterprise solution. The experience was created with a blend of canvas and jQuery controlled HTML elements.

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Game Development

The following three games were projects that I worked on during my time at DePaul University.

Battleground: 2012

Five super-powered men battle to be the only survivor in this apocalyptic Chi-town fighter. Will you survive? Created with Unity. I implemented the special effects, level design, and audio effects as well as assisted with the programming.

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Absorb and explode! Use gravity to defeat the looming virus in this top-down digital shooter. Created with Unity. I implemented the special effects and the audio implementation as well as assistance with the programming.

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Explore an eerie world, assemble the lost pieces of a voodoo doll and defeat the mighty Voodoo Evil in this First-Person Slasher/Shooter. Created with Iridel. I implemented the game design, level design, and textures as well as assisted with the programming.

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Thanks for looking. Please reach out or peruse my social media if you would like to learn more about me.

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